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Home security basics to teach your children

As adults, we know the importance of home security and at least the basics for keeping ourselves safe and our home secure. However, at a young age, children cannot know the importance of home security unless we teach them. In this article, PJ Locksmiths have compiled some of our home security basics to teach your children, as it is important that they understand how to keep themselves safe whether they are home alone or not. By following our tips for teaching home security to kids and teaching them how to stay safe when at home, leaving your children home alone will be a little less scary.


Who’s at the door? And ‘stranger danger’


Whether or not your child is home alone, there will come a time where the doorbell will ring and they will go to answer it. For this reason, it is important to teach your child the concept of ‘stranger danger’ early on. Many parents might assume that their child won’t answer the door to someone they don’t recognise, however this is not always the case. Emphasize to your child the importance of checking who is at the door before they open it, ensuring that they recognise them. In addition to this, for extra security, you could teach your child not to open the door even to someone they would recognise unless you are expecting visitors. It is also a good idea to install door-viewers at children’s eye-level, often door-viewers are installed too high for most children to use.


Secret code


Establishing a secret code with your child is one way to engage them in ideas of home security. By creating a secret passcode with your child, that is only known by a select few, you can help prevent an emergency situation if one were to arise. Children should also be taught not to share this secret code with anyone.


Security alarm basics


If you are going to have a security alarm fitted in your home, it is a good idea to ensure the product has child-friendly settings. To help them to understand how to operate the home security alarm, you could give them a demonstration, as children often learn best visually. Explain to your child what the alarm does, how it works and what they should do if they are home alone. The majority of alarm systems are connected to the phone, so in the case that the alarm sounds, your child should know to expect a call from the security company and so you should also prepare them for this, by telling them the password and the importance of not sharing it with anyone but the security company.


Preparing for an emergency


Although it is scary to think about, it is important to teach your child what to do in the case of an emergency as this can help to keep them safe. You should also inform them what an emergency looks like, giving them example scenarios, as children have a different perception of danger than we do and young children may not recognise that they are at risk. You should teach your child about calling ‘999’ for emergency services and what they might be asked, so that they feel comfortable calling this number if this situation should arise. You should write this down alongside some other emergency contacts which could include close family or friends, particularly those who live nearby. Finally, as much as you will emphasise the importance of staying in the house to keep safe, there will be emergency situations in which it is safer for your child to leave the house and go outside. The contradictory nature of this might make it difficult for your child to understand, therefore you can help them by going over scenarios in which they should leave the house and go to a trusted neighbours or pre-arranged safe meeting point.


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