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LocksmIth Top tips for security when moving home

When lost in the excitement and commotion of navigating the move to a new home, the issue of security is one that is often overlooked or simply forgotten amongst the long list of things to be organised. However, it is important to promptly make the security of your new house a priority; in doing so you will minimise long-term hassle. Our checklist can help give you a quick, stress-free guide on how to secure your new home call your local locksmith for advice

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Change and check the locks

On the day, it is important to get the locks replaced as soon as possible. It is advisable to get the locks replaced with a patented or restricted locking system which carries a legal restriction meaning that your keys cannot be copied without proof of ownership as verification and their design is unique making it harder for them to be replicated. This is a worthwhile investment as in the case of a patented key going missing or being stolen, the key can be deleted from the locksmith’s code database, the lock re-configured and new keys issued. Changing the locks adds further reassurance that the previous owners do not have unauthorised access to the property as any keys or unknown spares will be made redundant. Changing the locks is a simple way to make your new home more secure and puts you in charge of who has access to the keys and therefore to your home.

Furthermore, whilst changing the lock to the main door is to be prioritised, also make sure to check windows and other doors. When reviewing windows, side-doors, back-doors and so on it is vital to ensure the frames are in a good condition and the locks work. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us.

Alarm systems

It is also a good idea to have an alarm system installed if you have not inherited one from the previous owners. However, if one has been inherited, it is important to ensure the code is changed as soon as possible. Regularly updating your alarm’s code is a simple way to ensure your home remains as secure as possible.


If your property has a garage or an outhouse it is imperative that you consider further measures that need to be undertaken to secure them. This may mean installing additional locks (or padlocks), window grills and bolts. You may also like to consider the use of CCTV and/or sensor lighting which can act as a deterrent to intruders.

Additional ways in which you can improve your home’s security include adding spy-holes, top/bottom locks, chains, deadbolts, hinge-guard and kickstop. All of which are easy ways to enhance the security of your home and make it as safe as possible. If this is a service you would be interested in, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Whilst security is often overlooked when moving home, it is a priority. This checklist therefore aims to provide a quick and hassle free guide to reducing the risk of crime to your home.

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