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Why smart locks are the future

Technology seems to be creeping its way into every aspect of modern life and this is no different for home security. However, where some people might be suspicious of the power of technology, it can have enormous benefits for our safety. Smart locks are becoming increasingly common, affordable and sought after as a way to improve home security. This article elaborates on what a smart lock is and what the advantages of installing one.


What is a smart lock?

A smart lock replaces the bolt lock on your door. It provides added functionality to electronic locks by giving you the opportunity to lock and unlock your door using a smartphone. The use of a smartphone comes with added functionality over a traditional electronic lock. This includes being able to remotely open the smart lock from anywhere in the world, using the app and some can even be programmed to allow access when an enabled smartphone is within a predefined zone. Smart locks are usually powered by batteries and the owner will be notified before the batteries need replacing. Some smart lock products available also come with key options too, for those who might be a bit sceptical of relying solely on technology.


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What are the benefits of smart locks?

They’re keyless

All smart locks are keyless. Whilst they differ in how they operate dependent on the product you choose, one of the main advantages of smart locks is that you no longer need a key to access your property. Smart locks can be operated in a number of ways including through a smartphone app, Bluetooth, wifi or like traditional electronic locks, using a keypad or pushbuttons. However, if you are tech-suspicious, you can opt for a design which allows you to use smart technology and have a key as a back-up option.

Installing a smart lock means you no longer need to worry about losing your key, fumbling in the dark for it at the bottom of your bag or having duplicates made for close family and friends.


Can automatically lock the door

Smart lock devices can be enabled to automatically lock and unlock the door when you (and your smartphone) are in a specified proximity to your property. This is helpful in situations where you’re in a rush or have your hands full.


Can distribute and change codes easily

One of the main advantages of smart locks is the ease with which you can change your code and distribute codes to family, friends or even Air bnb guests. Unlike with traditional locks, you need not arrange hiding places for your keys or have duplicates made. Instead, with smart locks, you can send virtual keys which they can use on their smartphones or codes, so that they can unlock the door without you needing to be there or to go through the hassles that a physical key entails. These virtual keys can be enabled for a specified amount of time and it is also easy to change the code. It is easy to give people access to your property for as long as you want them to have access. 


Integrate with other smart security products

Smart locks can also be integrated with other security products too, thus adding many layers to and improving your home security. For example, they can be partnered with security cameras and alarm systems. This connectivity will offer your home maximum security.

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